Victoria Style Sponge Cakes

Chocolate Rolo Sponge Cake
Chocolate Rolo Sponge Cake
The Ultimate Indulgence…
  • Chocolate Rolo
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange
  • Mint Choc Chip
  • White Chocolate Dream
  • Toffee Caramel Fudge
  • Courgette & Pecan
  • Oreo Cookie
  • Chocolate Bounty
  • Chocolate Junkyard
  • Raspberry and White Chocolate
Traditional Style…
  • Vanilla Sponge, with Jam, Buttercream and a Sugar Dusted Top
  • Vanilla Sponge, with Jam, Buttercream and a Full Iced Top
  • Almond Sponge, mixed through with Cherries, Cherry Decoration and Almond flavoured Iced Top
  • Chocolate Sponge, filled with Buttercream and a Chocolate Fudge Top 
  • Chocolate Sponge, filled with Buttercream and a Cocoa Dusted top 
  • Chocolate Sponge, filled with Orange flavoured Buttercream and a Chocolate Fudge Top
  • Coffee Sponge, filled with Coffee Buttercream and Crushed Walnuts Coffee Iced top and Walnut Decoration
  • Toffee Lemon. Toffee Flavoured Sponge with a rich mixture of Lemon Buttercream & Frosting Iced Top featherd with Lemon Curd 
  • Lemon Drizzle Cakes